Josh Clarke

Hi everyone, my name is Josh Clarke and I joined the Crudden group in September of 2014 pursuing a Master’s degree. I hail from the largest, southernmost city in Canada, Windsor Ontario, right across from Detroit, which is a great city if you’re a sports fan. My love for chemistry was kindled by Dr. Jeremy Rawson while working in his group doing my undergrad in chemistry at the University of Windsor where I worked on some general organic reactions along with focus on the synthesis of sulfur-nitrogen heterocycles to be used as free radicals. When finished my undergrad I decided to move from lewis basic atoms to lewis acids, joining the Crudden group to work on novel heterocycles to be used in FLP type chemistry. When I’m not in the lab I enjoy going for a nice run, seeing a good movie, watching way too much hockey and going out for a refreshing beer after a long day. If you have any questions about the group or the chemistry that I’m working on feel free to email me at